POVO Premeiro’s foundation is grounded on the belief that every person has the right to dignity and quality human settlement solutions. Millions of South Africans living in communities that were underserved by the Apartheid government still use buckets, basins and taps which offer little privacy and protection from the elements when bathing. Many of these households also still rely on kettles and pots when heating water for domestic use. It has taken Colonel Johnny Sexwale years to research, develop and implement a patented design which could deliver hot showers as an alternative to traditional methods of bathing.

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Our Mission

The Portuguese ‘Povo Premeiro’ translates to 'Batho Pele' in SeSotho and ‘People First’ in English. Batho Pele is a government principle to deliver good service to the people.

POVO, a non-profit organisation, aims to deliver cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy for domestic use and water heating for sanitation purposes and personal hygiene to millions of South African households — putting people first.

Our Founder

Colonel Johnny Sexwale was born and raised in the township of Dube Village in Soweto during what would be written in history as the height of resistance against the Apartheid government. Growing up in a household of two parents and six children that often provided refuge to extended family and friends from afar — their crowded conditions were echoed in township homes everywhere.

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